About Us

Property Experts in Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne & Sunderland

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to housing challenges and aspirational homes for people to thrive and realise their potential.

Our Purpose

Dunholm Estates was founded to meet the demand for housing by providing safe and affordable rental properties to individuals and families. As an ethical and responsible property company, we are transparent and communicative with our clients, respecting their rights and privacy, and responsive to their concerns and needs. By treating our clients with dignity and respect, we want to set a positive example for others in the community and help create a culture of kindness and fairness. In fulfilling the needs of our clients, we contribute to the local economy by creating jobs for property managers, maintenance teams, building contractors, and other professional services supporting our work.

Our Values and Strengths

  • Trust.
  • Respect.
  • Integrity.
  • Know-how.
  • Responsibility.
  • Optimism.
  • Innovation.

Our Promise

  • Unrivalled service and value.
  • A passion for excellence in our business operations.
  • A commitment to working with our stakeholders and partners to serve and enhance our communities.

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