Dunholm Estates

Dunholm Estates provides a range of affordable homes to rent in select neighbourhoods of Durham, Newcastle upon Tyne, and Sunderland. As a trusted provider of properties in the Private Rented Sector, we take several actions to ensure that our clients are safe, comfortable, and satisfied with their living arrangements.

Our approach is based on five core principles:

1. Safety and compliance: Our primary concern is providing a safe and habitable property which complies with fire safety guidance, gas and electricity regulations, and other relevant legislation. We stay up to date on safety and compliance, working with professionals to ensure that our properties meet the necessary standards.

2. Effective communication: In close collaboration with our local management agents, we establish clear lines of communication with our clients from the outset. We respond to contact promptly and have systems in place to manage interactions during all aspects of the tenancy.

3. Good quality housing: We ensure our properties are well-maintained and regularly inspected. We care about the comfort and wellbeing of our clients and respond to maintenance and repair requests immediately.

4. Respectful of our clients’ privacy: We are considerate of our clients’ privacy and do not enter their home without permission other than for very specific reasons as set out in the tenancy agreement, such as an emergency.

5. Fairness and integrity: We treat all our clients fairly and are consistent in the application of our policies and procedures.

How We Choose Our Properties


Our properties are in convenient locations. This means they are close to public transportation, shopping centres, schools, and other amenities. Additionally, the areas are safe with low crime rates.

Quality of Housing

Our properties are well-maintained and in good condition. This means they are safe, clean and have all necessary amenities, with access to an outdoor space, such as a patio or garden.


Our properties are priced reasonably and competitively to ensure fair and sustainable living conditions for all. This means we strive to make the rent affordable and in line with other rental properties in the area.

Size and Layout

The size and layout of our properties is an important part of our decision-making to ensure they meet the space, lifestyle and functionality needs of our clients for their comfort, productivity, and overall satisfaction.